Cumberland Telephone Company is a full service telephone company that offers both local and long distance plans. Some our custom calling features available include caller ID,  call waiting caller ID, call forward busy, call forward no answer, bridging and many more. Local rates are $16.00 per month, add a teen line for an additional $7.00. Call waiting is included in our monthly rate. Also available is Wide Area Calling.

Anyone with an old phone can find some for sale at a good price. It’s unfortunate that landlines are obsolete but there is such a market for them that everyone wants a few. Anyone who has a stack of these old phones probably also has loads of unused landline poles lying around. So, where and how to find some for sale?

This allows you unlimited calls to Massena and Anita for a monthly fee of $10.99. If you prefer to be able to call your choice of one town the fee is $6.99. We currently offer two long distance plans. Option 1 has a flat rate of $.14 per minute, and Option 2 has a rate of $.10, plus a monthly service fee of $3.95. We also have vacation rates for those of you that take extended vacations.  Make bill paying easier by signing up for Automatic Bill Pay and have your payment automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. Also available for a small fee you can have copies made or send a fax from our office. Please call our business office for more information on the services we offer.